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2013 Basketball Series 2 Super Box®

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Find the 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan BGS 9.5 Rookie

as well as many more Jordan Fleer Rookie Cards

Find Many Autographs of : Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, Durant, Wade, Magic, Bird, Kareem, Russell, Kyrie, Lillard, and more.

Premium Products Used : Exquisite, National Treasures, Ultimate, Original Fleer Basketball, and more. 

4 Box Cases have a Case Hit!

Less than 200 Cases Produced

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Did you know? Multi-box cases have a guaranteed case hit - one of the best items in this case run!

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The New 2013 Basketball Super Box ® Series 2 is loaded to knock your gym socks off!

1-5 Premium Hits per box.

A dozen Jordan Fleer Rookies, 2-3 Dozen Auto’s from the Top 10 Stars in this league and Hall of Famers. Redemption Coupons and Mystery Coupons for awesome Autographed Collectibles of the Best Current Rookies, Stars and Hall of Famers.

Built to be case broken, there is 1-2 case hits per 4 box Case.

Case hits Include: Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul , Dwyane Wade, Tony Parker Kareem, Magic Johnson, E. Baylor Larry Bird, Dr. Julius Erving, Bill Russell Kyrie Irving, D. Lillard, Blake Griffin, Paul George, R. Westbrook, Scottie Pippen, Vince Carter, J. Lin Magic/ Bird Rookies, 1987-88 Fleer set National Treasures and Exquisite Bgs graded 9.5’s of Rookies and Big Stars!

Loaded with Autographed 8x10’s, 16x20’s Signed Jerseys and Fleer Basketball Sets Find Original 1986-88 Fleer Basketball Psa and Bgs Graded and UnGraded Cards. Redemption Coupon items are in stock and ship with in 24 hours of being redeemed.

Only 50 Total Original Super Box ® Art Sketch Cards have been produced. Hitting 1 per 4th case on average

Find: Michael Jordan, Kobe, Lebron, Phil Jackson, Naismith, Wade, Kyrie, Lillard and more! Always the Biggest Names, best cards and collectibles with the best odd’s from The Super Box ® Company! --


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