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Super Break Sports

2023 Supercharged Series 3 - 5 Box Case - SRP $1,100

2023 Supercharged Series 3 - 5 Box Case - SRP $1,100

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Wholesale Per 5 Box Case Dlvd: $825.00
Retail Per 5 Box Case: $1,100.00
Suggested Retail Per Box: $219.95

5 Box Case - 3 Items Per Box

15 Items Per Case

2023 SuperCharged S3 Edition
Featuring some of the finest collectibles & buybacks from 
Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey
Boxing ,Golf, Presidential, Music and Famous Celebrities.

This Product Run is Packed with: 
Top Modern Buyback Rookie Cards
Signed Bank Checks 
1/1s and Signed 1/1s
Signed Jerseys
High End Memorabilia
 Game Used
 Sealed Boxes 
Complete Vintage Sets
Rare Vintage Cards
Historical Documents
G.O.A.T'S, G.O.A.T'S and more G.O.A.T'S

Find the following types of BuyBack Cards in this Product:

- BGS 10's PSA 10's, and Black Labels-
- True 1/1s, Logos, Logomans- 
- Graded & Encased Vintage Rookies and Stars-
- True Rookie Patch Autos, Patch Autos, Jumbo Patches, Refractors, and more-

Find the following types of Memorabilia in this Product:
- Presidential Documents-
- Historical Documents-
- Triple and 6 Way Relics-
- Game Used Memorabilia-
-Team Signed Certified Championship Baseballs-
- Signed Jerseys, Boxing Gloves,Baseball Bats, Magazines, Cuts, Books, and Photographs
and More Amazing Certified Memorabilia!
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