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2018 Pieces of the Past Vol. 2

Our newest release, and a perfect continuation to Pieces of the Past Inaugural Edition. Features: Continued base set series. New relic cards (including Benjamin Franklin). New 1/1 autograph cuts. New inserts. Highlights: Etched metal Signers of the Declaration. Documents of the Past relic cards. 1/1 and Limited Edition foiled cards. Stamps of Our Past relic cards. Posters from Our Past. 1/1 autograph cuts. 200 base cards.

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2018 Pieces of the Past Antiquity Edition

This third release is 100% focused on America's rich and diverse history. Including our highly sought "In The News" relic cards, "Stamp on our Past" relic cards and "Pieces of the Past" relic cards. Featuring: Relic cards with documents from the past. Stamps on our past relic cards. 1/1 Limited Edition foiled cards. 40 base cards BECOME A DEALER

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2020 Super Break "23/24" 3rd Time Basketball Edition

Each case is guaranteed to contain one buyback from each of the Top 3 players to ever wear the jersey numbers 23 & 24.  All teams are represented in the product for a standard 30-team random group break.  Find Buy Back Cards of: Top Modern Rookies, the GOATs and Hall of Famers! Silvers, Refractors, 1/1s, Legacy Inserts, Precious Metals, RPAs, Rare 90s inserts, Low Pop Bgs/Psa Graded Golds, Holos, Patch Autos, BGS 9.5s TrueRCs, BGS 10s, Super Foils, PSA 10s, Black Labels, And Moree. A Vaierty of true rookies in PSA 10s and BGS 9.5s  from all of the top young stars in the league. All of the major young rookies and players in the players are represented in this run....

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2018 Pieces Hybrid Edition

  Each box of Pieces of the Past: Hybrid Edition includes three (3) base cards, one (1) “In the News Relic,” one (1) “Pieces of the Past Relic,” and one (1) other Relic. Other inserts will include 1/1 The Bar Cut Autos, 1/1 parallel cards, dual Relics as well as other cards not yet revealed. … Presidents in sports will be one niche in the base set, while pieces combo stamps cards will include John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland and Amelia Earhart. There also will be new Pieces of the Past Cards including dual pieces, for Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Norman Rockwell, King Louis XIV and others. Look for new base cards including...

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2018 The Bar Momentos Edition

      Premium Deluxe Release at least 40 items per unit (1) The Bar 1-of-1 or Momentos 1-of-1 original piece Beckett slabbed 5×7 per unit (4) 1-of-1 Relics per unit (10) Combo relics per unit (10) Pieces of the Past relics per unit (10) In the News relics per unit (5) Misc. premium hits per unit: 1-of-1s, cut autos, low numbered-multi asset pieces, Momentos or Hybrid Base complete sets and additional The Bar 1-of-1 pieces FEATURING THE GREATEST RELICS FROM: Historic Events Music Cinema Celebrity Presidential Sports Science Literary Figures

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