About Us


Super Break® was originally conceived in 1998 as “The Super Box” in an effort to build one of the best card boxes in the hobby.

Its evolution over the past 23 years has provided our supportive community of collectors with awesome, vintage and modern cards offered via our network of distributors, case breakers and retail card stores.

Each production of Super Break® products is different by theme and yields a variety of original and authentic buybacks ranging from modern graded rookie cards, vintage Hall of Famers, certified autographed memorabilia redemption cards, 1/1s, Cut Autographs and other super surprises.

We Focus on the Hottest Cards in the Industry

WIth the advent of Covid-19, our industry as a whole saw an uptick in sales, demand and media impressions for more products. We've happily adapted and will continue to deliver on our promise to make exciting products for you to break open at home, or online, with friends and family.

Super Break produces Baseball, Football, Basketball, multisport and historical products throughout the years for wholesalers, retailers, collectors and will continue to innovate and provide superior value for our customers.